Gap Frame Hydraulic Press

Gap Frame Hydraulic Press


1.       This hydraulic press is of C-type with all parts installed inside machine body. It’s easy to operate, and the operator’s safety is fully assured.
2.       Such all-in-one and precise design in high rigidity facilitates the machine operation.
3.       It is designed for various applications, moreover, big-sized or special designed hydraulic press are available in accordance with individual customers’ requirements.
1.       Compressing and pulling-out of shafts and sleeves.
2.       Bending and deep-drawing of metal sheets.
3.       Trimming, pressing, braking and punching of metal sheets.
4.       Applicable for compressibility test.
5.       Counter body and sheet metal parts.
6.       OA steel furniture drawers and rail parts.
7.       Air-conditioning cold air machine’s shell parts.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: TT-C100T
Brand Name: TAITIAN

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